The value of work

Work is more than just making money. Work also means structure, a social network and belonging - work is valuable in many ways. This applies to all of us and certainly also to refugees. The campaign The Value of Work focuses on one statement: "I work ... therefor I am ...". We ask employees and visitors of our corporate partners to indicate through this statement what work means to them. A current question, now that many of us work from home in connection with corona, organize our work differently, (temporarily) have less or much more work. We also ask you in this way: what does work mean to you?
Meet. Greet. Work.
Employer initiative The Refugee Talent Hub brings employers and refugees closer together with the aim of paid jobs. Want to know more about the work of the Refugee Talent Hub? Follow our social media channels and check our website regularly. Or sign up for our monthly newsletter and stay informed of our activities.
The Value of Work
This website and magazine WERK are part of a broader campaign of the Refugee Talent Hub about the meaning of work. We are rolling out this campaign in the workplace of our corporate partners, in which the form and size differ per employer - varying from a one-off digital workshop to a month-long campaign on the - online - work floor. Would you like to know more or participate? Then contact us quickly.